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World Champions Jon Zaleski and Carson Benidict Canada

Congratulations to all the members who travelled to England to play in the 2013 World Open Tae Kwon Do Championships.
Team Canada was made up from different organizations fron Canada.Our leaders and coaches included Mr. Gill from Kamloops coaching along with Mr. Rowe from Kelona, Mr. Ayles from Trail. Also Master Darin Gibson brought some fine black belts from his organization. Instructors Lindsay Tetlock and Connie Vetter-Johnson were part of the Kelowna contingent along with Micheal Vetter-Johnson appearing in his first world championships.

Four steps to be a Master In TKD

All achievement in Tae Kwon Do is a result of a definite purpose backed by your burning desire for it’s fulfillment in your own personal reality. That is step one. This means if you don’t have a goal to work towards, how can you ever know if you are progressing or not. In TKD we have the great colored belt system for progression feedback. What about our Black belts? What should they be doing?

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