Four steps to be a Master In TKD

All achievement in Tae Kwon Do is a result of a definite purpose backed by your burning desire for it’s fulfillment in your own personal reality. That is step one. This means if you don’t have a goal to work towards, how can you ever know if you are progressing or not. In TKD we have the great colored belt system for progression feedback. What about our Black belts? What should they be doing?
They must take full responsibility for their own growth and progression. Setting higher written SMART goals while finding out what they need to do to advance to their next degree. Without a goal there is no purpose, without purpose it becomes to hard to get past the second degree.
Step two is having a definite plan, expressed through continuous action. This means taking out your day timer (in whatever form you use – I-pad, calendar, computer) and putting down what you need to do (whether you feel like doing it or not).
Then through doing small daily habits you get to the next level or degree of Black belt.
Step three is keeping your mind tightly closed against all discouraging influences.
We must take personal responsibility for what we let enter our conscious minds. By what we watch on T.V. or listen to in the forms of music or gossip.
The last step is to find a friendly alliance of one or more persons who will encourage you to follow through with your plan and purpose. This is what your instructor and training partners do for you. Enjoy the journey.

Sr. Master Dan Zaleski VIII