The Master's Class Book

"It' is an essential read forany Tae Kwon Do instructor or student who wishes to open their mind to the possibilities"..."one of the most knowledgable and respected Tae Kwon-Do teachers of his generation"
Sr. Master Dave Oliver - President of Tae Kwon-Do association of Great Britan.

"The Master's Class is a must read for anyone striving for personal excellence and balance in their lives. This experienced *th degree black belt teacher, leader,entrepreneur and motivational speakershares his real life experiences, knowledge and lessons learned in an easy flow way that provides a timely reminder of the core values that really count for survial in the fast paced world we live in. Master Dan's book you the tools to do just that. Highly recomended,to anyone, anywhere"
Colonel Phil "Moose" Engstad - (Ret.) RCAF Fighter Pilot -USN TOP GUN