Tae Kwon Do Patterns DVD's

  • Join Master Dan as he takes you on an enthusiastic journey of a new beginner to advanced patterns to become an excellent black belt.
  • Master Dan believes in a solid basic foundation for all techniques. He will demonstrate and teach you to avoid common mistakes learned as a beginner.
  • Each set of movements called patterns moves you closer to your quest to be your best as you reach your goal of black belt.
  • Correct positive mental attitude is a must to reach any high level goals in life. Master Dan shares the universal laws of self mastery along with affirmations to focus your mind, body and spirit. Your reward is high energy, conficence, flexibility, relaxation and a renewed motivation. Play at your own time in the privacy of your won home.
  • You can purchase 3 different DVD's Patterns 1-3, Patterns 4-7, Patterns 7-9.