About Tae Kwon Do International Canada

Jon Zaleski

Hello Tae Kwon Do brothers and sisters,

  • The goal of Tae Kwon Do International Canada is to connect like-minded professional and amateur instructors who want to keep complete control of their academies, operations and organizations.
  • My name is Master Dan Zaleski, I am here to help any TKD instructor. My teacher is Grand Master C.K. Choi, one of the most recognized of the original pioneers of TKD. I began my journey in 1973 and I have been involved in TKD all my life. My passion for the art has brought me around the world. I was a competitor in the second ITF World Championships in Oklahoma and the third Worlds in Residencia, South America. The last event I attended was the TKDI European Championships in Poland on October 2012 as an ambassador and coach for a few team Canada players.

    Approximately 30 years ago, I met Dave Oliver (President -TAGB) and the British TKD Team at the World Championships.

    Today, I see the same passionate TKD men I met years ago, still serving not only in deed but by example. After a discussion of our pasts, we realized that we have been traveling the same paths but on different continents. They described the stories that you and I have heard over and over. Then they described to me the success that they have achieved by implementing sound ethical business principles and upholding the true Tae Kwon-Do ethics.

    The seeds were sown in 1991 for Tae Kwon Do International in Great Britain. The TAGB has over 25,000 members and over 600 Tae Kwon Do schools affiliated in the U.K. The idea of no petty arguing or small men in positions that hold people back from their natural growth as leaders really exploded their growth. We agree that the best always rise to the top!

    Tae Kwon Do International Canada is connected but totally independent and in control of all operations in Canada. We are always looking for like minded leaders and academy owners to join us.

  • Again our goal is simple - to connect like-minded instructors who want to keep complete control of their academies, operations and organizations.
  • Tae Kwon Do International Canada is for those instructors who want to create opportunities for themselves and their students through personal growth and advancement with the recognition they deserve.
  • Tae Kwon Do International Canada allows people to be part of an organization which is entirely non-political.
  • Tae Kwon Do International members participate in the Open Canadian Championships and the recognized World Championships on a truly global scale
  • We offer an annual motivation, inspiration and strategy convention for you, the professional school owner. At the same time, we facilitate the high degree grading by our testing board.
  • To offer access to the best Tae Kwon Do pioneers in the world (1950-1973).
  • TKDI Canada is the national organization with each and every Tae Kwon Do instructor, man, woman and child sharing the vision of TKD harmony.
  • We support the open 10th Annual World Championships in Great Britain in 2013. We also expect to bring over 100 members from Canada to that World Championship. Why don't you join us?
  • We will host theCanadian Open Championship April27/2013 in Kelowna, British Columbia. I encourage you to visit our Profile page to read more about my background, about Martial Arts Etiquette, and a wonderfully inspirational statement on "What is a Tae Kwon Do Man?".