Benefits of Joining

Ck Choi and General Choi

Tae Kwon Do International Canada membership benefits include:
Number 1- is our history which connects to the very roots of Tae Kwon Do. The picture above is of General Choi giving Grand master C.K. Choi a certificate. Grand master C.K. Choi is Sr. Master Dan Zaleski's teacher.
Registered national certification for Black belts recognized world wide.
We can help (if needed) to increase your membership enrollment rate and student count of your academy.
We help to increase the value of your programs through our resources, products and services.
Our member instructor resources in the Instructor resources section will save you time and money.
By joining, you and your school will be part of a world wide Tae Kwon Do movement that includes all Grand Masters, Masters and students who are part of the bigger picture and bright future of T.K.D.
Numbered National Membership card.
Excellent network and support systems as well as our annual Leadership, Motivation, Inspiration and Strategy convention.
High ranking grading can be arranged for you so that no single person, past instructor conflict or agenda delays your progress. You of course must the have minimum time and be able to perform to the desired level that you request.
If you are already a fourth degree holder or higher, and hold a recognized certification you may participate and be paid to sit on a grading board.
Access to our seminars for you to attend and learn, or to be able to bring a specialized course or seminar to your school if desired. These seminars can motivate you and your students as well as be beneficial to the school operation's bottom line.
Place your name (if qualified) on our national seminar availability list and give seminars to member schools to help them and your bottom line.
Sell your own created books, DVDs and other products developed by you to our members and a national public through our website.
Link to your school's website from ours to be the first school people check out in your city.
When you have a student who moves to a new city, you can refer them to a TKDI Canada school and not only know that they will be looked after but you will also receive a referral fee from the new school once the student is enrolled there.
You may order professionally designed crests, lapel pins, banners, and plaques if you wish.
I'm Ready To Join


Initial one year membership is CAD$250.00 per school.